We are the Eagle

2 Nov

A farmer found the eagle’s egg and put them together eggs are dieraminya. Once hatched, the eagle lived and behaved exactly like the chicks, because they thought that he was a chicken. He paw the ground to find worms and insects. He clucking and crowing. He was flapping his wings and fly bebe

few meters in the air.
On one day, he saw seekaor eagle flying bravely wade space. “Wow, amazing! Who was it?” he said with admiration.
“That’s the eagle, the king of all birds!” said chicken around.
‘If only we could fly, huh? incredible! ”
“Ah, do not dream! Him aliens, we are just creatures of the earth. we just chicken”.
Once upon a time, the eagle eating, drinking, living and ended up as chicken, because that assumption about him.
Moral: Do we want to be “CHICKEN” but we are all “HAWK”.
answer lies in ourselves!
future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams their dreams.
What were we thinking! If we think of CAN, we CAN, if the thought of failure Fail then will we cash.

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